The Adventure Begins..

Well, here we are in the beginning of 2018; about one year in business and finally starting our Website. Helleluier and Amen!! We can't believe how fast this past year has just flown by, not to mention all that has taken place within that year. 

We began this journey in the middle of 2016, honestly sitting here, I can't remember which one of us three first came up with the idea of starting to share, create and grow our very own business. I know that our lil sister jokingly would always say, "We can make that?!" So maybe that's where it started. Could have been when our big sister decided she didn't want to add one more storage unit filled with stuff only to just sit there and not be appreciated. It could have been when our middle sister created her first Steampunk creation and we said, "You need to sell those girl?!' In any event, here we are and, we have to say, "We Absolutely Love It!!" 

First, we want to Thank You for taking the time to make it this far in the rambling first blog post and to add, stick with us; It's going to be quite an Adventure!!

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